Monday, June 10, 2013

I Spy Quilts

It seems like all of a sudden I have a large backlog of quilt tops.  I guess this is a sign of "startitis".  However, it could be worse, what if there were no choices to finish.   I have two or three "I Spy" tops to finish.  I even have the backs picked out.  Now I just have to stack and pin, and then of course, I have to quilt.  Doesn't sound like much when I say it that way, right??

These  bright prints with the black background are so outstanding.  They are wonderful surrounded by the Kona Black.  

Look for the the next batch to be with Kona Off White background and some large print backings.  I have truly enjoyed making the "I Spy" quilts for little ones.  It is such a wonderful way to teach and play matching games of identification.  The degree of difficulty can be increased if there are siblings that want to play along with younger ones.

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