Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I Spy in Black.

Quite some time ago, I participated in several "I Spy" square swaps.  It was great fun to receive 100's of squares of fabric that you don't see locally every day.  I kept the squares for a while, then sorted in different color themes or background before I started to make any tops.

Last summer I made the first quilt for my grandson, Theo, with squares that had black backgrounds and I surrounded them with black Kona Cotton. The backing is a colorful dot on black and I used a crayon print for the binding.

I had enough to make a second quilt which has now been posted in my shop.  This is a great teaching tool and can be played with all ages.  Start out simple with "I Spy" colors or shapes. As the kids get older you can play with more detail.  Great  way to wind down at naptime or bedtime.

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