Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Spy in the Park X2

As I continue to join the I Spy squares, I decided to go to the light side and join these with matching size squares in Kona Winter White.

 The border is an unknown green leaves print.  The backing is a piece that I have been saving and I almost couldn't bring myself to cut it, however, I am so glad that I did now that I can see the finished product.

 Playing the I Spy game on this quilt is like getting two games in one.  You can still play "I Spy" with your little ones but you can also flip the quilt over and play with miniature cars or animals.  The backing is " Park and Ride" The Alexander Henry Collection 2011.  I topped it off by binding it with the black and white stripes of Tidings" of Great Joy"  by   J Wecker Frisch for Quality Treasures.  Straight line quilting lets the I Spy pictures remain clear.

Two of these darling quilts are posted in my shop this week.


susan said...

Your quilt is just beautiful. I also love the blanket you made that showed in your previous post. It looks so soft and warm. Lovely work.

susan said...

I love your beautiful quilt - front and back!
You've chosen great fabrics which makes it so interesting. Thanks for sharing!