Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Welcome to My Life of Knitting

What's a Blog? What's a Wiki? What's a Podcast, What's Ravelry, and who the heck is Brenda Dayne? It wasn't so long ago that we were all asking the same questions, and then almost like osmosis, we not only knew the answers, but we were staying up later than our kids and fighting for computer time just to indulge in stash enhancement, free online patterns from Knitty, and reading blogs from here to the Falkland Islands. Now we shop at Etsy and EBay as well as our LYS. We listen to Brenda in the morning and Lime and Violet in the evening or some other combo that entertains us while we knit away.

I feel like a whole new species of people has just emerged from hiding, and we learned that we speak the same languages, "Knitese" and "Yarnese". Now no one can shut us up because we just want to keep talking, and sharing and making up for lost time. All this time we thought we were minorities, hiding in the house because some one might call us a "Granny" or "Provincial" or worse, just because we liked to knit and fondle yarn. All it took is something called the Internet for us to find our "people", our brothers and sisters.

For now, I am going to feel my way and see if there is a way to turn some part of my avocation into a vocation so I can spend more time with my "people". Come and visit often and share your thoughts.

Here are a few of my latest finished projects as Eye Candy . See you soon.


This is my third pair of Koigu socks, in the BasketCase Pattern. I love the way this yarn feels on the feet.

This is a pair in Lorna's Laces "Mixed Berries" done up in the famous Blueberry Waffle pattern.

These have become my new favorite style winter sock. Noro Kureyon in a simple 2 x 2 rib pattern. I do them on size 3 DPN's. They fluff up so beautifully with the first wash. Rain nor sleet nor just cold air can get to your toes in these.

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